Victoria Falls Low Water – Not All Bad News!

The water levels at the mighty Victoria Falls are at the lowest they have been for some time.



And although the water levels are low, the experience of the Tour of the Falls is still highly recommended….Why?

You’ll be guaranteed of the most incredible panoramic views!  Without the mist of ‘rain’ created by the masses of plummeting water, your view will be unobstructed and clear.

Alternatively you could pop across for a dip in Devils Pool on the Zambian side of the Falls.  This is normally off limits during the rainy season but when the water is low, the natural rock walls are close enough to the surface to prevent swimmers from being carried off over the edge of the Falls.  Imagine the thrill of being able to look over the edge of the Falls as the water cascades down past you?  Exhilarating!

More Good News

Low water need not be bad news…  Besides the fact that the Tour of the Falls is still highly recommended, the low waters mean its rafting time!

The World Famous Zambezi River proudly boasts the biggest, wildest, most exciting one day White Water Rafting experience.  The full day rafting trips kick off from Rapid #1 to #19, right below the incredible Victoria Falls.

Boiling Pot

Don’t miss out!  Browse through our Day Tours & Activities pages for more about these and other experiences available for booking in both Zimbabwe and Zambia:


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