Planey Mcplaneface?! This had us in stitches!

South Africa has a new local airline. Lift Airlines.

Gidon Novick, the founder of Kulula, is launching a new airline in South Africa before the end of the year. After getting everything in place to launch his new business, the only thing missing was a name.

While South Africans were in lockdown, their creative (and comical) side, took front stage!

Novick announced a social media competition inviting the public to make their suggestions for a name for his new airline. Although Lift Airlines was finally chosen, we were in stitches as some of the other hilarious suggestions:

  • Lekker Airlines
  • Wakanda Air
  • FlyMzansi
  • Djyrynie
  • Venga Airways
  • Planey McPlaneface
  • Gravy Plane

The airline is expected to be making its first ‘lift off’ in December this year and Novick has shared that the airline will operate much like the Uber model…flight schedules will be determined by popularity and demand.

With a name safely strapped in, the team is now focused on its final pre-launch activities, including getting the booking system up and running, crew training, aircraft preparation, and marketing activities ahead of the first flight set to take to the skies in December when the new airline Lifts off – Gidon Novick

All the best to Gidon and his team!

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