Shooting Seedballs?

The Featherbed Co has recently launched an exciting and fun initiative aimed at supporting their conservation initiatives.  Shooting seedballs!

Guests on their Featherbed Eco Experience are invited to participate in their rehabilitation process by purchasing seedballs embedded with indigenous seeds and shooting them into predetermined areas, otherwise not easily accessible to their teams, by using a handheld catapult or slingshot commonly known in South Africa as a ‘kettie’.


Seedball packs are just ZAR 80 each and each contains 10 locally indigenous tree seeds.  What an innovative and fun way to make a difference.

If you have guests interested in visiting Knysna, encourage them to shoot a ball and leave a legacy!


About the Featherbed Eco Experience

This pristine piece of paradise situated on the Western Head of Knysna is a privately-owned, registered Nature Reserve and a South African Heritage Site.
In order to protect the splendour of the natural beauty, access to the reserve is controlled. Visits are only permitted in the company of the reserve’s specialist guides.

Featherbed Nature Reserve Knysna-136652343.jpg

The Featherbed Nature Reserve offers a Knysna adventure activity not to be missed. The eco tour begins with a cruise across the Knysna estuary.  On arrival at the nature reserve guests will enjoy a 4×4 Unimog and trailer ride to the top of the Western Head.  Here the optional 2.2 kilometre downhill guided walk will begin, passing through Milkwood forests onto the steep sandstone cliffs, into ancient Khoi-San sea caves and along a scenic coastal path fringed with aromatic fynbos.


During the walk a guide will talk to guests about the fauna, flora and bird life in the reserve.  On the coastal walk back, you can often spot the resident Black African Oyster Catcher, one of the rarest coastal birds in South Africa.

Black African Oyster Catcher-1154405340.jpg

The Food Forest Restaurant is situated on the edge of the Lagoon under a canopy of Milkwood trees where a sumptuous buffet lunch fit for a king is served.

View rates and other information here.

Contact a Thompsons Africa consultant today to make a booking..

Email: /

Tel: +27 31 275 3500


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