A safari in my living room?

True story!  &Beyond are bringing the wilderness TO you!

In a collaboration between WildEarth and &Beyond Ngala Private Game Reserve, you and your guests are invited to join them on a live interactive safari.

I for one was fascinated at the opportunity of experiencing a live safari while sitting in my living room.  I invited my family along and this is what happened!

We left at around 4pm and it was quite chilly!  Luckily the fire in our fireplace sorted that problem out….  🙂

Within minutes we had our first sighting.  A pride of lions, including two white lion cubs.  Wow.  So beautiful.  They certainly are lazy creatures!  Our guide shared with us that they sleep or rest for approximately 20 hours out of a 24 hour day!

Our second sighting was at a waterhole where we enjoyed the antics of a young hippo bull.  Hard to believe it but he was actually playing with a stick!

We spent quite a bit of time at a hyena birth den.  There, a 7 year old hyena matriarch was sleeping in front of the den where her 2 young cubs were hidden away.  We’d hoped to get a glimpse of the cubs but unfortunately it became dark and so we had to leave before they came out to suckle.  &Beyond don’t shine unnecessary light when pups are this young (they’re just a few days old) so as not to disturb them.  

We also got to follow a young leopard as he slowly moved through some very thick bush before he ran off suddenly and we lost him.  He was spectacular.  A young male of 23 months.  So graceful and sleek!

Besides these key highlights, we also got to see various game and for birders, a number of different bird species.  During the experience we flipped between 3 different guides at three different locations so we were almost guaranteed of some incredible sightings.  I definitely recommend the experience. 

Although its not quite the same as being there, it definitely transported us all away for a moment and for a bit we were able to forget that we were stuck in our living room.  The only real bumps we experienced were with our Wi-Fi connection.  Lol.  Quite frustrating when you’re waiting in anticipation to see something and then all you see is a buffering signal symbol!  I am however certainly going to do the experience again and highly recommend that you try it too. – Viki Haasbroek – Marketing Manager

Launched on 01 April, guests are invited to climb on board a safari vehicle and take part in a live, interactive game drive experience.

You can view the safaris between:

  • 06:00am – 09:00am CAT (sunrise dependent)
  • 15:30pm – 18:30pm CAT (sunset dependent)

Be sure to interact with their guides by asking questions on YouTube or using #wildearth on Twitter.

Click below to join at your chosen time

&Beyond’s WILDwatch Live


Ngala Private Game Reserve

Ngala Private Game Reserve shares unfenced borders with the world-renowned Kruger National Park. Nearly two million ha of unrivalled wilderness and wildlife land is home to the Big Five and more species of large mammals than any other African game reserve. Discover the famed Big Five, wild dogs and rhino.

Ngala 2Ngala Private Game Reserve has exclusive traversing rights on 14 700 hectares (36 000 acre) of wilderness land, which means our guests can explore the reserve on foot, free from the constraints of roads and vehicles, go on a night drive, or sensitively go off-road enabling you to get closer to wildlife.

Ngala Safari Lodge is the ideal family lodge, with Three Family Cottages, a Family Suite, and a dedicated WILDChild programme which is filled with fun, interactive activities that offer kids opportunities to learn and discover new experiences, cultures, and leave with treasured memories of the African bush.

We’re all working from home so contact us at any time for assistance or further information.

Email: info@thompsonsafrica.co.za

Tel: +27 31 275 3500


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