Match Making of a VERY Different Kind!

Last month we featured a story titled ‘Thompsons Africa Joins The Travel Corporation in Celebrating 100 Years!‘ in which we spoke about celebrating 100 years of being driven by service.

The feature in the ‘Travel Corporations Year of Celebrations’ for the month of February is dedicated to celebrating great love stories.  THIS is a love story of a totally different kind!

In the lead up to Valentines Day and all things ‘love’, we came across this incredible story.  A conservation ‘match making’ story… with a twist.

With less than 600 African wild dogs in South Africa today, extreme (and unique!) efforts are being made to ensure these numbers don’t drop.

Cole du Plessis, wildlife biologist for the Endangered Wildlife Trust, is tasked with monitoring and growing the population of the endangered African wild dog.  He is introducing male dogs from one wildlife reserve and female dogs from another and hoping they will breed in order to create a new pack.  Wildlife biologist and host of Great Big Story, Wes Larson, joins Du Plessis and his team to help these dogs in an unusual mating ritual…. and it really IS very unusual.

Watch wildlife biologist and host of Great Big Story, Wes Larson, as he joins Du Plessis and his team to help these dogs in an unusual mating ritual…. and it really IS very unusual:

South Africa is the only place on earth where African wild dog numbers are on the increase.  Thank you to all those who play a part in ensuring their survival.

Thompsons Africa Pledge

At Thompsons Africa we are mindful of the plight of wildlife across the globe and in Africa in particular. We are especially conscious of the importance of conserving our wildlife heritage. After all, we are blessed to be the caretakers of an abundance of wildlife that brings so many travellers to our shores. Thompsons Africa does not support any wildlife interaction that we deem to be unethical in either its purpose or in any way results in cruelty as a side effect. As a priority we ensure that we are 100% involved with our partnered wildlife organisations, and as a member of The TreadRight Foundation, we practise the promise to make the welfare of our wildlife our number one concern.

Wil dog in Zimanga Game Reserve near Mkuze in South Africa

Madikwe Game Reserve

The good news for visitors to Madikwe Game Reserve is that highly endangered African wild dog packs are flourishing here.

The Madikwe Game Reserve is a joint venture between the state, private sector and local communities and it is home to one of the most successful wild dog rehabilitation programmes in the country.

Book a Madikwe Private Game Reserve and Cape Town combo package.  We have put together a five star option but other options are available.  Tailor making packages is a speciality.

As experts in our field, we are here to guide and advise.  A consultant is just a call or email away.

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