Introducing SANParks K9 Project Watchdog

The TreadRight Foundation is a joint initiative by The Travel Corporation (TTC) family of brands. It is The Travel Corporation’s hub for all corporate social responsibility efforts, and manages a long-standing grants program that benefits sustainable tourism projects.

How We Tread Right (HWTR) is The Travel Corporation’s (TTC) new five-year sustainability strategy, which sets the mandate on sustainability at Thompsons Africa and our sister travel companies.

Our strategy is based on 11 measurable goals developed to address Thompsons Africa’s impact on Planet, People, and Wildlife. These goals, anchored to the United Nations’ Global Goals, address:

Planet – sustainability and conservation by targeting climate change, sustainable food production and responsible consumption through carbon management, renewable energy, the food cycle, waste reduction, and the elimination of single-use plastics.

People – community support and cultural preservation by targeting overtourism through the inclusion of new Make Travel Matter experiences, the creation of a standalone strategy to encourage greater diversity and inclusion at Thompsons Africa, and our global give-back efforts.

Wildlife – conservation and protection by targeting animal welfare and conservation, and ethical wildlife experiences through TreadRight’s Animal Welfare Policy.

Introducing SANParks K9 Project Watchdog

Aligned with the HWTR campaign and our efforts to address our impact on Wildlife, we are proud supporters of the SANParks K9 Project Watchdog.

Poaching in our national parks remains a major conservation challenge in South Africa. The K9 Anti-Poaching Unit is considered a game changer for anti-poaching initiatives in the Kruger National Park. During 2017, all encounters with poachers that involved dogs resulted in arrests.

Well-trained dogs such as the Bloodhound, Belgian Shepherd, or Malinois, breeds are perfectly suited to track poachers in the field and detect firearms, ammunition and wildlife products that enter and exit through park gates. These remarkable dogs can follow an hours-old scent over impressive distances.

Tracker dogs are deployed by helicopter or vehicle and operate throughout the Park. Since its inception in 2012, the K9 anti-poaching Unit in the Kruger National Park has grown from 3 to 55 dogs. Because of its success, the project has been extended to other National Parks, with a total of 75 dogs now working across the country.

These remarkable dogs can track poachers in the field over impressive distances and can detect firearms, ammunition and wildlife products that enter and exit through park gates. Together with their handlers, they work tirelessly and bravely to protect our wildlife, often under extremely dangerous conditions.

We salute the SANParks Honorary Rangers and their dogs who play an integral role in the success of this unit.

Project watchdog. Adding teeth to anti-poaching.

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Tel: +27 31 275 3500

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