South African Turtle Breaking Records

Have you heard of Yoshi?  She’s a loggerhead turtle that was released from the Two Oceans Aquarium two years ago and who now boasts the title of world record breaker for being the animal that has journeyed longer than any bird, fish or mammal using a satellite tag….both in distance AND duration!


Map of Yoshi's journey - credit Two Oceans Aquarium
Credit: Two Oceans Aquarium

A few days ago, Yoshi was just 66 kilometres off of the Western Australia coast.

‘She has travelled 37 000 kilometres in the 26 months since her release in December 2017. Throughout her journey, Yoshi has averaged and maintained a swimming distance of 48 kilometres per day. The latest tracking data shows that she has slowed down slightly and is now clocking in at about 46 kilometres per day.’ – Two Oceans Aquarium

Unbelievably, Yoshi’s tag battery is likely to run out soon.  Thankfully, Western Australian conservation and research officials plan to meet her if she nests on the beach and so will use the opportunity to replace her battery so that we can keep watching her amazing journey.

Yoshi first came to the Two Oceans Aquarium in 1997 when Japanese fisherman handed her in for care.  Since then she has had millions of people see her at the aquarium and many more since then during her two year journey.

After spending 20 years in South Africa, is Yoshi South African or Australian?  Speculation is that she is heading to Point Samson, a small fishing town in Western Australia’s Pilbara region, home to some of Australia’s famous turtle nesting beaches.  Has Yoshi gone home to nest?

‘Yoshi has always done things her way, and she might just keep us guessing for a while longer. Perhaps she is just filling up on some tasty morsels, or perhaps this stop will be a more significant spot on her journey. We should know pretty soon whether Yoshi is an Australian after all, and if she is about to add to the global loggerhead population. Yoshi has done us all proud, and we cannot wait to see what she will get up to next.’ – Maryke Musson, CEO of the Two Oceans Aquarium Education Foundation

In a world where everything is just a little crazy right now, this is a truly SENSATIONAL SOUTH AFRICAN story that warms the heart.



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