What do you miss most about being unable to travel?

In the wake of the corona virus, there are some very obvious things that almost all of us miss.  Top of the list must be people.  Friends, family, work colleagues…. Skype and Zoom meetings have become the order of the day and ‘visits’ via whatsapp videos and calls are the only way we’re able to keep in contact with our loved ones.  Its BRUTAL.

And then are those of us in the travel and tourism industry.  Travel is in our blood!  Passionate about our destination, we are ITCHING to get out there.  To welcome your guests.  To visit our local favourites.  And while we can’t bring you here, we CAN remind you why you absolutely HAVE to make Southern Africa the top of your list of destinations to travel to the second that travel is once again permitted.

ZG - Activity - Game Drive Lion
Zambezi Grande (Lower Zambezi)

Today we take you on a visual safari…. Its a soul stirring experience.


Tell us what YOU miss most.

Email: info@thompsonsafrica.co.za

Tel: +27 31 275 3500


*** Main featured image credit: Bellevue Forest Reserve – Garden Route

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