Thompsons Africa Appointment of CEO – 03 June 2020

The Board of Thompsons Africa is delighted to announce that Jonathan Gadiah has been appointed to the role of CEO of Thompsons Africa with immediate effect and will be leading the company during this difficult period of Covid-19 and thereafter as we resume operations again.


Jonathan has worked at Thompsons Africa for the past 19 years and has a comprehensive understanding and deep knowledge of our business and operations. This includes our sales division where he is currently the Global General Manager for Sales.


Many of us know Jonathan for his outstanding work ethic, and I know that all of you will join us in congratulating Jonathan on his appointment and wishing him every success in his new role.


Jonathan will take on this role with immediate effect and is available at any time should you require an assistance from him.


Thanking you for your partnership with us and for your support.


Kindest regards,


Linda Pampallis

Thompsons Africa Chairman

03 June 2020

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