A first-of-its-kind experience at the gateway to the Kruger National Park

In 1923 the South African Railways instituted a ’round-in-nine’ rail trip of the Lowveld. Including an overnight stop at Sabie Bridge (Skukuza).

As there were no overnight facilities for the public, the tourists slept on the train. These visits to the Sabie Game Reserve along the Selati railway line proved so popular that rangers later accompanied the tourists on the train and even arranged short bush excursions.

Welcome to Kruger Shalati. Train on the bridge.

A new unique and iconic hotel in the heart of the Kruger National Park. Permanently positioned on top of one of the main rivers in the Kruger Park, atop the historical Selati bridge outside Skukuza rest camp, the train on the bridge not only offers you the best game viewing opportunities right from your bed, but also a designer experience in one of the most sought-after new properties.

Offering 24 rooms in 12 carriages, plus 7 rooms on land next to the bridge in the Bridgehouse, including a dining and reception area for all guests’ comfort, this unique experience also includes two game drives daily.

Have you SEEN this pool?

A bespoke deck with pool, offers guests a swimming experience unlike any other! Crocodile, hippos, buffalos and elephants will be greeting guests just meters below. Can you imagine anything like it?

Watch their video

Would you swim in this pool? We can’t WAIT for Kruger Shalati to open.

Originally planned for 1 June 2020 opening, we’ll keep you posted as to its new opening date.

Email: info@thompsonsafrica.co.za

Tel: +27 31 275 3500


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