Why Southern Africa should be your first post covid destination for travel

2020 has been a turbulent, uncertain, overwhelming year to say the least! In South Africa, we’re encouraged by the recent announcement of our government that we are moving to Lockdown Level 2 granting South Africans almost full freedom, including the freedom to travel inter-provincially. Zambia too has opened its international borders and in South Africa we wait patiently for the day our borders too are opened and we can welcome your guests back to our beautiful shores.

Although not all open yet, the borders WILL open! Where will you go? Where will you send your guests? Landscapes, cultures, enriching experiences and incredible wildlife…. Africa has it all. And in a world where wide open spaces, fresh air and the opportunity to ‘disconnect’ will be more important than ever, South Africa and Southern Africa are a natural first choice.

Outdoor adventure, safari and beach

According to Getaway, 600 participating people, largely from Europe, voted South Africa as their post-coronavirus TOP SPOT destination to travel to!

Those who participated in the booking company survey said that their top destination experiences included outdoor adventure, safari and beach.  Its not hard then to see why South Africa nabbed the coveted first place position!

Outdoor adventure is the most desired experience travellers long for, followed by safari and beach getaways.

Southern Africa’s vast open spaces allow for low people densities.

Widely spaced and private accommodation

Most lodges and camps offer secluded, private accommodation. Well spaced guest areas ensure comfortable, secluded and private experiences. Suites and facilities are generously spaced for guest comfort and peace of mind and to accommodate limited social contact. Most safari experiences allow for just six guests (where possible) on a safari vehicle.

Outdoor (or appropriately spaced) dining

Thoughtful consideration is given to dining setups with ample space between tables. Many lodges offer outdoor dining options which are widely spaced with plenty of fresh air.

Contributing to conservation

When you travel and stay at a Southern Africa lodge, you are directly contributing to the support of both wildlife and local communities. Conservation and park fees pay for the efforts behind conserving our wildlife as well as all anti-poaching efforts.

Tourism also supports local communities with many individuals employed by the camps and lodges. In addition, many properties support local empowerment programmes in the neighboring villages thereby supporting and uplifting communities. This is a key incentive for guests who have an interest in ensuring that their travels sustain the future of the destinations they travel to.

With boundless opportunities for travellers, South Africa and Southern Africa offer a myriad of opportunities for safe exploration… And we can’t wait to welcome them!

When the world is ready to travel again, we will be waiting.

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