‘The greatest shoal on earth’

The annual Sardine Run in Kwazulu Natal is happening right now!  Also known as ‘the greatest shoal on earth’, the Sardine Run is an annual attraction whereby sardine shoals move northwards along the coastline, attracting a great deal of marine life.

Image credit: Ugu Tourism Office

Every year in June or July when the water is colder, sardines from the typically cooler Cape make their way eastwards up the Kwazulu Natal South Coast, also called the Wild Coast.

Image credit: Ugu Tourism Office

The advantage of them doing this is not clear.  On the contrary, the waters they travel to are less food-rich, the cold waters only temporary and they are subject to a large number of predators who prey on them during the journey.

Image credit: http://www.divethebig5.co.za
Image credit: Nick Bernhard

Sharks, gamefish and marine mammals like Cape fur seals and dolphins are often spotted in hot pursuit of the shimmering mass of sardines and as the shoals are driven to the surface, birds attack from above.

Image credit: Ugu Tourism Office

Regardless, its a sight many wait all year to witness!

Image credit: http://www.raggycharters.co.za

We can’t share this with you in the flesh this year but its the perfect time to plan a trip to South Africa and include a possible sardine run encounter next year!  When you’re ready, we’ll be waiting.

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