Health and safety in our vehicles…and elsewhere

We strictly follow and operate according to the South African Government approved Health and Safety Protocols, keeping guests’ health and safety a top priority.

We have implemented the following safety measures in all of our vehicles:

  • Vehicles are cleaned and sanitized daily.
  • Anti-bacterial spray / foggers are used daily to circulate through the vehicles air conditioning systems.
  • Face masks are compulsory for all entering the vehicles.
  • Sanitation of hands and feet is required before entering the vehicles.
  • Temperature checks are mandatory on entering the vehicles.
  • Frequent touchpoints and surfaces will be sanitized at each stop.
  • Load vehicles to Government regulations to adhere to safe social distancing.

Watch our Health and Safety Protocols Video

Transfers, day tours & activities and safaris with Thompsons Africa – always a private option

Whether guests are looking for simple transfers, day tours & activities to enhance their journey or they’re keen to book a safari experience, Thompsons Africa is able to offer all of these options on a private basis. Guests will have exclusive access to the vehicle and registered, professional guide.

Caring for our environment

Our fleet of around 170 vehicles ranges from sedans, to two-passenger limousines, 8 seaters, 11 seaters and 15 seaters; luxury 44-seater coaches and 60-seater touring vehicles. This massive tyre-print across the continent also comes with a small carbon footprint and among our innovations is a water recycling plant to provide environmentally friendly washes. 

Wash water for the fleet is generated from 3 sources:

  • Rain water is collected from the roof and piped into three 10 000 litre storage tanks.
  • Wash bay waste water is collected into a central sump before being pumped to the waste water treatment system. The returned water is directed through a “grit-pit”, then pumped through an oil/water separator (retrieved oil is stored separately for removal by an oil re-cycling company). The waste water is piped into the main bio-reactor, equipped with energy efficient aeration equipment. Purely by extended aeration, where no chemicals are added, the water is then safe for re-use in the wash operation.
  • 80% of the wash bay water is recovered and the Municipal supply is only used to augment the first two sources

Our partner properties are prepared and ready to welcome guests

We have worked closely with our partner properties in ensuring the necessary health and safety protocols have been implemented. Many also offer on-site Covid-19 testing for those guests who require it for their onward journey.

Kapama Private Game Reserve protocols

Contact us for more on these protocols or details regarding on-site Covid tests.


Tel: +27 31 275 3500

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