Wish You Were Here?

Large super-groups of Humpback whales are currently gathering off Dassen Island south of Saldhana Bay.

These super-groups can reach as many as 150 per group and there’s a strong chance that as many as 600 whales will gather before making their way to Cape Point as part of their migration.

The migratory Humpback whale is a frequent visitor along the coast of South Africa when they migrate to warmer, protected waters to breed and give birth in the winter.  Throughout the winter period when they are migrating, calving, and breeding, they do not feed at all and instead live only off their fat stores, known as blubber.


The Humpback is well-known for its majestic whale songs which are often heard during mating season.  The groups of male whales sing in order to attract a female to mate with.

They migrate around 5 000km on average, one of the longest migratory journeys of any mammal on Earth!

The Humpback calf depends on its mother for the first year of its life.  It will swim alongside her and they are often observed sharing touches as an indication of their intimacy.  The calf is fed on protein-rich, high-fat milk.  Each female will give birth once every two or three years.  Their gestation period is around 11 months!

Another migratory whale is the Southern Right whale and is seen along the South African coast every year between July and December.

You’ve missed it for this year but this is something NOT TO BE MISSED in 2020!  Our Whales and Wine Tour takes in an incredible whale watching opportunity (Southern Right Whale) and combines it with a wonderful wine tasting experience.




Departs Wed, Fri & Sun between 07h45 and 08h30 from Jul – Nov (Whale Season)  •  Returns at ±17h00

Drive along the coast to the fishing village of Hermanus, lapping up the glorious ocean view, eyes peeled for the southern right whales at play.  There may be an opportunity to join boat-based whale watching.  These massive mammals breaching are an awe-inspiring sight, and the excitement will undoubtedly leave you with a large appetite for a good lunch.  We continue to the Hemel-en-Aarde (Heaven & Earth) valley to visit a boutique winery to sample some wines of outstanding quality.  Our return to Cape Town is via the pretty apple-growing region of Elgin, then wind our way through Sir Lowry’s Pass with spectacular views and back into the Mother City.

Hermanus_Whaletail-138175173.jpgHandy tip: Sun protection, protective clothing and preventative treatment against sea sickness are advisable when going on the optional boat trip.

Southern Right Whale mother and calf-1030158124.jpgYour experience highlights:

  • Hermanus
  • Boat-based whale watching (for own account and subject to availability and weather)
  • Lunch (own account)
  • Hemel-en-Aarde (Heaven & Earth) valley wine tasting (on Sundays the wine estates are closed so a visit to the Cheetah Sanctuary in Somerset West is visited as an alternative)
  • Sir Lowry’s Pass


Contact a Thompsons Africa consultant today to make a booking.

Email: info@thompsonsafrica.co.za

Tel: +27 31 275 3500



*** Main image credit Dave Hurwitz and Simon’s Town Boat Company ***


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