Explore with Us…Photographic Safaris

Africa is arguably one of the best destinations for photographic safaris.  With its incredible landscape and unrivaled wildlife viewing opportunities, photographic safaris are no longer just aimed at a niche market.  Absolute beginners?  Seasoned professionals?  There is a photographic safari experience for every level of photographer.

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Discover the wonders of the African wilderness through the lens of a camera and capture memories that will last a lifetime.


Explore Botswana with your camera. 

This special interest package is ideal for anyone with a keen eye and a passion for photography and the great outdoors.

Spend two nights at Pangolin Chobe Hotel, an innovative and captivating structure in Botswana.  Your next three nights are spent at Camp Okuti, a delightful camp located alongside the Maunachira River which flows through Xakanaxa Lagoon within the world renowned Moremi Game Reserve.  Your final two nights are at Mashatu Main Camp located in the Northern Tuli Game Reserve of Botswana which is situated between the Tuli Safari Area, a national park in Zimbabwe and the Mapungubwe National Park, a World Heritage Site in South Africa.

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Contact a Thompsons Africa consultant today to make a booking..

Email: info@thompsonsafrica.co.za / viki.haasbroek@thompsonsafrica.co.za

Tel: +27 31 275 3500


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