Experience of the Week…Cape Malay Cooking Safari

Get to know aspects of the cultural diversity that Cape Town has to offer on this interactive guided walk through the historical heart of the Bo-Kaap with a cooking safari.


The vibrant area of the Bo-Kaap is the oldest residential area in Cape Town.  The brilliantly coloured homes and cobbled streets make it one of the most photographed areas in Cape Town.

Bo Kaap Cape Town ssimg_036

The focus lies on the Cape Muslim people with their South-East Asian heritage, their culture, their community and their food and links between these.


Stop at a local spice shop and Halaal butcher, interacting with locals and discovering typical Malay ingredients.


Visit a local family’s home and participate in a hands-on fun-filled cooking session and demonstration before savouring a full traditional lunch.  We learn how to mix Masala, fold Samoosas, and how to balance the delicate flavours of a Cape Malay curry.  Over a glass of faloodah (a traditional, lightly rose-scented milk drink) our hostess and cooking instructor will tell you more about the ways in which food, history and religion are interwoven in the Bo-Kaap culture.


Then it’s time to sit back, relax, and appreciate your handwork as you dig into a full course traditional Malay Meal.


View information and rates here or contact a Thompsons Africa consultant on email info@thompsonsafrica.co.za to make a booking.

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