One Love… Dreadlocks and Fist Bumps in Quaint Knysna

Meet Bra Zeb (short for Zebulon)…!  We’re in Judah Square, Knysna where our guide Bra Zeb greets us with a fist bump and an ‘Irie’ (used by Rastafarians as a friendly greeting).  Bra Zeb, an animated man with 20 year old dreadlocks, will teach us about the origins of Judah Square, home to one of the largest Rastafarian communities in South Africa.


Standing in front of the themed murals depicting the Lion of Zion, King Haile Selassie and other icons of the Rastafari movement, Bra Zeb introduces us to the history, beliefs and lifestyle choices of his tight-knit community and Rastafarianism in general.


Following this introduction we head across the road to a yard where the Tabernacle of Judah Square stands. Here Zeb delves a little further into detail.  Though many of the residents of Judah Square work in town, the community has erected a creche run by volunteers, developed home-stay bed and breakfasts and have also built a community centre.

Knysna-Tours-One-Love-2.jpgWe head down to the gift shop at the entrance to look at the arts and crafts items, T-Shirts, posters, selection of musical paraphernalia and range of natural remedies on sale before bidding Bra Zeb farewell.


We make our way back to the cul de sac at the top of the hill in the Rastafarian village where we meet Mr. Mau Mau and his wife.  Here we will enjoy a high tea with a selection of home-baked cakes and different types of hot beverages.


Wrap up the experience listening to some reggae tunes playing in the background while Mr. Mau Mau and his wife host us.

This 3 hour tour, the One Love Kynsna Tour, exposing the power of collectivism and the spirit of people working together, departs daily at 10h00am and 13h00pm from the Knysna Tourism Office.

View more details and rates or contact a Thompsons Africa consultant on to make a booking.




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