The New Lion Sands River Lodge…. Its WILD

riverlodgegallery-281018.jpgOn the night of 23 June 2017, a tiny spark saw the complete destruction of Lion Sands River Lodge.  Now, almost a year later, the new and STUNNING River Lodge has reopened.  It features enhanced guest areas, a new spa, and three additional private River Suites, including a two-bedroom Family Suite. Guests can expect to be reconnected with nature and each other in an intimate space with splendid views of the Sabie River.

Originally built in the late 1970’s, River Lodge was washed away in the floods of 2000.  It was at this time that Nick and Rob More took control of their legacy and rebuilt the new lodge, welcoming over 60 000 guests between 2001 and 2017.  With the blaze of June 2017, it seemed to have all come to and end.  ‘We watched in disbelief as the ensuing  inferno devoured everything we had built, then felt the heartbreak as it all came down again. This place where couples fell in love, families reunited, children heard the trumpeting of an elephant for the first time … It was then that we realised River Lodge is much more than a structure.  Like a bush fire clears out dry and dead plant matter opening the way for growth, so the lodge blaze exposed the fundamentals of what we were trying to create. Mother Nature is the greatest teacher of the only things in life that really matter, and we learned that it is our people and this wilderness that create with  our guests the  experiences that enrich their lives. The lodge simply gives them the space to come together. Through sharing these experiences, they reconnect with themselves and each other, and rediscover how ‘wonder-full’ life essentially is.‘ – Rob More


The newly rebuilt River Lodge reopened in May 2018 and it is spectacular!  With every comfort and convenience, the modern organic decor utilises materials in as close to their raw form as possible.  Wool, burnt wood and terraccota serve to complement and not compete with the environment.

The reopening of River Lodge completes their very special Lion Sands’ offering.  Read more about Lion Sands Game Reserve and view rates HERE


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