The Test Kitchen A Winner Again

The awards ceremony of The World’s 50 Best Restaurants 2018 and The Test Kitchen placed No. 50.

Luke says, “my team and I have taken some risks over the last year and worked extremely hard to evolve The Test Kitchen to what it is today. It’s thrilling that it has paid off. I am so proud of what we have achieved with The Test Kitchen and that is has a well-deserved spot on the world food stage.”



Congratulations to Luke and his team on this impressive win!

About The Test Kitchen

Located in the regenerated Old Biscuit Mill area in Woodstock, Cape Town, The Test Kitchen space is distinctly industrial.  Its brick walls and exposed ducts and pipes create an interesting, exposed atmosphere and the open plan kitchen gives guests an opportunity to directly engage with the workings of the kitchen and food preparation, particularly for those seated at the wooden bar which wraps around the kitchen.  With a small dining room seating just 65, guests will be tantalised by the delicious smells coming from the area!



If you’re in Cape Town, check out The Test Kitchen yourself (bookings in advance essential)!  You won’t be disappointed…..!


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