Our Guest Service Officers ROCK Goway!

One of our longstanding Canadian customers, Goway, arranged a trip of a lifetime from Cape to Cairo on luxury rail for a VIP group with a few pre nights at The Twelve Apostles Hotel and Spa.

Some guests missed their incoming flights and another guests’ luggage was damaged badly on her journey to South Africa.

What follows is the report and images submitted by one of our amazing GSO colleagues, Burton Solomon….  Thank you GSO Team!!!

Our GSO team (Guest Service Officer team) reacted quickly and professionally before the guests departed on Rovos and handled the departure Meet and Greet with PERFECTION…..

Fuad and I met Mr & Mrs Hodge in the reception area whilst they were checking out.

We introduced ourselves and explained the reason for our visit.

Mr & Mrs Hodge thanked us for our assistance.

The group all checked out, left their bags with us and then went for breakfast.

Img 1

I introduced myself to the Mega coach driver and double checked if the correct signage was up in the window and if there was enough cold water. Everything was in order.

After breakfast Mr & Mrs Hodge came outside to talk with us whilst the rest of the group were still having breakfast.

Mr Hodge asked several questions about the GSO department saying he looked forward to experiencing our service but it was cancelled because a family member arranged to fetch them at the airport.

I explained that we have been meeting and greeting their guests for the past few years and that it is such an honour to meet the two of them. I thanked for all the business he has been giving us. After elaborating some more on what the job function is of the GSO he explained how much he appreciates this service.

After guests were done with their breakfast I stood at the door of the coach and greeted each one.

I then joined guests on the coach from The Twelve Apostles Hotel and Spa to Cape Town station. Mr Hodge made an announcement saying that I was here to make sure everyone leaves Cape Town, guests had a good laugh.

Whilst driving I offered guests some cold water.

Mr Hodge got up and came to sit with me at the back of the coach. He had so much to talk about. Explained how he started the business and how he met Mrs Hodge, etc.

When we arrived at Cape Town Station we proceeded to the Rovos Rail lounge. We double checked all the bags offloaded and tagged. Bags were then taken to the train whilst guests relaxed in the Rovos Rail lounge enjoying some refreshments.

Before going into the lounge Mrs Hodge advised that the broken bag which was supposed to be delivered had still not arrived and she would like for me to follow up on it. She said she’s not sure how I would get the bag to them but would like for me to please sort it out.

We quickly called the baggage handlers to follow up. They were very upset because they had been to the Twelve Apostles twice and on both occasions guests were not at the hotel. He said that they will not give the bag unless they receive their bag. It has to be a straight exchange. I said that we now needed that bag as guests were leaving Cape Town. They said unfortunately all drivers were busy and it’s not their fault that the guest will not receive the bag in time.

I told him that we would quickly come and collect the bag from them and deliver their bag later in the day but they refused. After a lot of begging the manager finally agreed that we could collect the bag.

We literally had 40min before the train departs so I contacted Leon at the airport to collect the bag at the baggage office and wait in the ‘drop & go’ area whilst Fuad drove to collect the bag. I arranged with the train manager to make sure the guests bag is in the room so that guests could unpack.

After everyone was done having refreshments guests had to make their way to the train. At that time Fuad had already returned with the bag. When Mrs Hodge saw the bag her face lit up and she couldn’t stop smiling.

We escorted guests all the way to the train.

All went well with the departure.

I did explain to Mrs Hodge that had Fuad not been back in time with the bag we would have driven through to their next stop (Worcester) to deliver the bag.

Mr Hodge mentioned that he is in the process of creating a blog and in it he would really like to make mention of the Thompsons Africa GSO department.

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