Meet Our New Adopted Rhino…

… Esme…

Esme is the youngest rhino orphan at HESC.  Her mother was a young and inexperienced cow who couldn’t produce milk for Esme.  On arrival she was extremely malnourished.  Esme was the first rhino calf introduced to an Anatolian Shepard dog, Dawid, as a companion. It took a few days but as soon as the two were used to each other the relationship was remarkable and unbreakable.  Esme has a loving soft soul and has been one of the most relaxed calves at the Centre – just wanting love and attention every chance she gets.

Esme just arriving at HESC
Esme when she arrived at HESC

Thank you to all of our partners and friends who took the time to participate in the vote to decide who we should adopt.  It was overwhelming to read the beautiful messages of motivation we received and having just celebrated World Rhino Day, encouraging to know that the plight of these gorgeous animals is recognised the world over.

Esme 2019 Edited
Esme in 2019

Congratulations to John Parker of Premier Holidays who was drawn as our winner of a fabric rhino named after our new adoptee, Esme.  Your gift will be delivered to you.


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We are proud to be part of a joint initiative by The Travel Corporation family of brands, called The TreadRight Foundation — a not-for-profit that works to ensure that the environment and communities we explore, remain vibrant for future generations.

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