MannaBay Leading Design Hotel

At the recent World Travel Awards, MannaBay was once again awarded winner of both Africa and South Africa Leading Design Hotel for 2018.  Its not hard to see why….


With its spectacular location just below Table Mountain lending itself to magnificent views, the rooms are ‘jaw-droppingly’ gorgeous.


MannaBay has one suite, the Versailles Suite, and seven luxury rooms, including Black & White, Orchid, Flamingo, Explorer, Persian, Pom Pom and Oriental.

Sleeping just 16 guests to ensure a more exclusive and intimate stay, each room is individually designed and decorated.

Each room was brought to life by the inspiration of a number of interesting wallpaper designs.


Art at MannaBay

In a celebration of South African art, MannaBay provides the springboard to showcase passionate up and coming South African artists.

MannaBay celebrates art  through commissioned works, partnerships with other galleries and through their own themed gallery, the profits of which are given to a theme linked charity.

Migration I Sprites of the Sky.jpg
Artist Gregg Brill: Gregg is responsible for the impressive swallow artwork hanging in MannaBay. Entitled “Migration I: Sprites of the Sky”, it tells the story of the annual swallow migration from Europe to South Africa. The tiny birds, some weighing less than 20g undertake an epic journey of some 6000 miles every year, chasing the summer in search of food, mates and a home. Migration I: Sprites of the Sky comprises three key elements: wood, plexiglass and brass. Each element depicts a key element of the migration and has a special story to tell. The piece has exactly 200 birds which signify the 200 miles they travel each day. Each bird in the installation weighs between 12g and 65g – the exact weight of the birds that migrate from Europe to South Africa each year. One bird faces the opposite direction – the beginning of a never-ending journey.

This incredible display of swallows titled Migration I: Sprites of the Sky is showcased ‘flying high’ above the high tea area.

MannaBay Boutique Hotel

You can’t get much closer to Table Mountain than this… A truly extraordinary luxury boutique hotel in the heart of Cape Town, MannaBay is a gateway to the table-topped landmark and its natural mystique.

From this prime setting, becoming of Persian Princes, Orchid Hunters and Heroic Explorers alike, you can look out over the Mother City, across her cityscape to the Atlantic Ocean. The views are dazzling, whether you’re breakfasting at The MannaBay Café, with its floor-to-ceiling glass windows; taking a dip in Pom Pom’s private plunge pool; or admiring the Black & White Room’s uninterrupted panorama of the harbour. The Mountain is never far from sight either.

From MannaBay, you can experience the Mother City in comfort and privacy, with a team of friendly staff dedicated to making every guest’s experience as special as possible. MannaBay is a work of art that inspires, enlivens and delights. We think you’ll agree…


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