#Vilankulo Livre De Plastico

Bahia Mar Boutique Hotel – Preserving, Protecting, Recycling

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Bahia Mar Hotel, based in Vilanculos, Mozambique, is reducing the purchase of ‘single use’ and other plastics and with a committed recycling policy, the hotel is an active protagonist in the conservation of this unique area.

Believing community education can be pivotal to preservation, Bahia Mar brought plastics artist Xico Gaivota from Portugal to inspire and educate the villagers. This special man, who is creating masterpieces from plastic which he finds on the beach,  shared both his commitment to the environment and his skill with the local people, encouraging the collection and recycling of the debris which washes up on the beaches into saleable art work.


Once a full time fisherman, now an environmental activist, Xico Gaivota spent a month sharing his talent at Bahia Mar culminating with an exhibition of his unique pieces on 14 August 2018.


Read more about his time at Bahia Mar and the action of his pieces https://www.bahiamarclub.com/single-post/2018/09/10/Xico-Gaivota-in-Vilankulo


Bahia Mar is a first time feature in our Thompsons Africa brochure http://console.virtualpaper.com/thompsons-africa/southern-africa-2019/#94/ and if conservation and art are your passions, I can’t think of a more beautiful to indulge in both while enjoying an unspoiled, luxurious destination!



For more information or to make a booking, contact a Thompsons Africa consultant today info@thompsonsafrica.co.za


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