The Clarendon Collection Strikes Water!

The Clarendon Collection now has access to a strong supply of permanent water due to the recent successful exercise of sinking a borehole.  Water was struck at 70 meters, and the borehole has the capacity to produce 5000 litres per hour which is more than enough for the needs of their boutique hotels Clarendon Bantry Bay and Clarendon Fresnaye and its guests.

‘With our ever-changing global climate conditions, we all need to continue to conserve water as a way of life and from a business operations perspective’ said Clarendon Collection.

In addition to the newly sunk borehole, the Clarendon Collection also implemented the below water conservation measures in 2017.

– Rain water collection measures and tanks
– Grey water reticulation system
– Water conserving shower heads, as well as water saving devices throughout the plumbing system

The newly sunk borehole, coupled with additional water conservation measures now afford the Clarendon Collection and its guests an almost 0% impact on the City of Cape Town municipal water grid.


Check out the new brochure features for Clarendon Bantry Bay and Clarendon Fresnaye




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