Cape Town City Water Update

As you will have heard, there is currently a high degree of sensitivity towards water consumption in this, one of the world’s most iconic and celebrated cities.  This issue is not unique to Cape Town. Our shared world is facing far-reaching negative impacts of Climate Change. This new global reality, currently manifesting itself in the worst drought in South Africa in almost a century, has severely challenged the city’s water levels. As a result the city, and all of South Africa, has become more aware of the need to become more water wise. Even though South Africa’s annual rains are only just a few weeks away, still it is vital that all South Africans play their part in protecting precious water resources.

As a visitor to South Africa, we are delighted that you have chosen to bring your holiday dreams to our shores. We fully respect, and are committed to, delivering the South African experience you have long looked forward to, and that our great nation is proud to bring to life for travellers from across the world. For this reason, all efforts are being made to ensure that today’s water challenges have as little impact as possible on your enjoyment of your time in Cape Town. In addition to steps taken at municipality and industry level, our business has taken a number of proactive measures to carefully manage water consumption, while keeping experience excellence front and centre of our commitment to you. This includes creation of independent water sources, re-engineering of infrastructure, and other ‘invisible’ methods of reducing resource usage while sustaining guest enjoyment.

We are, however, aware that you may have genuine concerns around media coverage referring to daily water restrictions and the impact this may have on your visit. News around ‘Day Zero’ and the turning off of water supply will, naturally, have you questioning if you will be put in an uncomfortable, unsatisfied position. Please be reassured that water restrictions are not imposed on visitors to Cape Town. You will not be limited in any way to water supply. You will simply, and understandably, be requested to be conscious of your consumption as we, together, work through this period of exceptional drought impact and resulting daily water consideration. As indicated earlier, the annual rains are soon to begin, making the current situation an interim period of water control.

Should you, at any stage, have any questions regarding your travels to Cape Town, and/or how the city’s water challenges may impact your stay, please do not hesitate to contact us on

Very importantly, we are extremely thankful for the huge efforts that Cape Town residents, businesses, officials, farmers and visitors have made in working together to reduce water consumption in the Cape Town area. As a result of these efforts and their resultant significant reduction in water consumption, ‘Day Zero’ has been further pushed out, now as far as July. Thankfully, as July falls comfortably within Cape Town’s annual rainy season, we are more optimistic than ever that a Day Zero will be averted all together.

With our assurance of our highest level of care and attention to you.

Kind regards,

Alessandra Allemann
Chief Executive Officer
Thompsons Africa
Tel: +27 31 275 3500

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