Kaapse Stories at Rockwell Dinner Theatre with Linda Pampallis

The one and only ‘Cape show’, ‘Kaapse Stories from the Mother City’, is played at this vibrant Cape themed dinner theatre venue in Greenpoint, transporting the audience into the colourful and exciting world of the Cape, paired with a great spectrum of the wonderful culinary delights that Cape Town has to offer.

Local theatre legend, ‘Basil Apollis’ directs the show.  With the unique humour, intoxicating rhythms and soulful songs that celebrate the challenges and triumphs of the people of Cape Town, this quality entertainment experience gives you an inspiring insight into the ‘Rainbow Nation’ of Cape Town told through the stories of the Kleintjies family.


Loved by locals and visitors alike, a translated synopsis of the show into 13 different languages is provided so nothing ‘gets lost in translation’.


Linda Pampallis, CEO Thompsons Africa recently spent an evening at the dinner theatre with our partner and friend Mr. Noguchi.  She shared a video with us https://youtu.be/GK4v7MzR1rE

To view rates and more details about this day tour experience, click here http://www.myvirtualpaper.com/doc/thompsons-africa/day_tours_activities_2018/2017050701/#16






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