Franschhoek and Le Quartier Français….A Franschhoek Icon

Franschhoek, which is just an hour away from Cape Town, boasts centuries-old vineyards and beautiful Cape Dutch architecture.


The valley, originally known as Olifantshoek (which means Elephant’s Corner) was named after the huge elephant herds that roamed the area.  These majestic giants annual migration wore away a mountain path which became known as Elephants Pass by the locals.  Today, the famous Franschhoek Pass offers breathtaking views over the Franschhoek valley.


The valley is surrounded on three sides by majestic mountain ranges.
Today, it is the famous Franschhoek Pass with its breathtakingly beautiful views over the valley.

Because of the strong French influence on the valley, the settlement became known as Le Quartier Français (the French Quarter) and, later, as Franschhoek (French Corner).

Today with a population of 6 000 in the village and 25 000 in the surrounding valley, the village is one of the world’s great wine and food destinations.

Culture, history and passion…..

Growing conditions in the Franschhoek Valley are ideal for lavandine (lavender) which is grown commercially in the area for both its flowers and oil.


The Huguenot Memorial Museum and neighboring monument honor the area’s French settlers, who arrived in the 17th and 18th centuries.


Franschhoek Motor Museum displays vintage cars amid mountain farmland.


With a myriad of reasons to visit this spectacularly beautiful destination, all that’s left is choosing the perfect place to stay….. Leeu Collection offers the perfect getaway with Le Quarter Français…..

Set in the picturesque village of Franschhoek, in South Africa’s winelands, Leeu Collection gives new meaning to the concept of leisure.

Leeu Collection comprises a number of entities which include three boutique hotels: Leeu Estates – The Home of Leeu, Leeu House – Our hideaway in the village, and Le Quartier Français – A Franschhoek Icon.

Le Quartier Français, a romantic 21 room boutique hotel in Franschhoek village, is home to award-winning restaurant The Tasting Room. The extraordinary staff, opulently comfortable rooms and attention to detail ensure that this auberge is the ultimate destination.

‘The Tasting Room at Le Quartier Français is the stage for award-winning chef Margot Janse and her unique, contemporary African-inspired surprise Tasting Menu. Surprise: an emotion that occurs when something breaks our habitual pattern. Here, serious diners have the opportunity to experience a true journey of taste that continues to evolve and astonish. The Tasting Room creates a dining experience unlike any other … one where surprise and nostalgia take centre stage. Interior decorator of The Tasting Room and scenographer by profession, Herbert Janse, says: “In The Tasting Room every dish is engaging; refined with a distinct feminine touch and, at the same time, unexpectedly exciting … exhilarating in fact. It is this contradiction that results in balance of The Tasting Room’s dishes.”‘ – The Tasting Room


Says Linda Pampallis who recently stayed at Le Quartier Francais, ‘LQF, as it is fondly known, is too lovely!  The Tasting Room restaurant is a sensation for the senses! The atmosphere here is so warm and friendly and set in the centre of the jewel of the winelands – a must visit when in Franschoek and even better if you can stay!’


Read more about Le Quartier Francais and view all rates



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