Elephant and Art Experience

Wild Horizons and Art of Africa have teamed up to create a unique elephant experience that is brought to life by the artistic strokes of your fingertips, while surrounded by the African bush.

The Manager at ‘The Wallow’ will meet guests on arrival to talk to them about the elephants and their history.  They then get to meet the elephant and the guides explain a little about the history of the individual elephants.  At this time, guests are able to touch the elephant and interact with them whilst on a raised deck, providing great photographic opportunities.

elephant-feedingelephant-interaction-on-deckAfter the initial introduction the guests and the elephant move to an area where the guests are able to feed the elephant and interact with them from a ground level. The total time interacting with the elephant is probably about 30 minutes, before the elephant wander off to a mud wallow where they will normally wallow and relax in the shade of the trees.

After interacting with the ‘models’ guests will make their way down to the adjacent waterhole and mud wallow where under the shade of an enormous Mopane tree they will find a chair and easel – each set up with a fresh sheet of paper. Brightly coloured aprons and palettes with bright splotches of paint will also be handed out.  Soon guests’ white sheets of paper will be transformed into a canvas with a glorious blue sky, sunshine, yellow, brown or green grass and of course elephants.


Once finished, guests will go back to ‘The Wallow’ for a delicious two-course buffet lunch accompanied by a cold beverage rounding off a perfect morning’s experience. After lunch guests will be transferred back to their accommodation in Victoria Falls.


Read more about Libby White’s personal experience ‘Painting with Elephants’ here https://wildhorizonsblog.wordpress.com/



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