The Outpost Lodge – by Janine Southwood

Thompsons Africa was invited to join a list of top luxury operators to experience two nights at The Outpost Lodge.   After a 2 hour charter plane flight from Lanseria Airport, we landed into the Punda Maria airstrip, just 15 minutes from Punda Maria Restcamp.  The Outpost Lodge is located in the western corner in the Northern Sector of Kruger National Park, not far from the Limpopo River.  The lodge itself is set up high overlooking the Luvuvhu River.  En route to The Outpost we stopped at Crooks Corner – this location got its name many, many years ago due to its perfect location for an unsavoury character to hide out and run from the law – this small ‘hideout’ is where 3 countries (Mozambique, Zimbabwe and South Africa ) meet making it easier to hop across borders without being stamped. It is very much a ‘no man’s land’ filled with baobabs, fever trees and a river full of hippos and crocs.


The Outpost 9The Outpost 3The Outpost 4

The Outpost is set amongst a very tranquil and scenic region. The only sound you hear is truly the sound of nature.  There are 12 very spacious rooms with amazing views overlooking the spectacular terrain. Rooms are decorated in very natural colours blending into the environment . Everything is 100% at your own pace, true to ‘African time’.   Food was up to 5 star lodge standard and just outstanding.   Our first night welcomed an amazing African thunder storm and lots of rain, which is definitely a requirement on Krugers’ wishlist.

The Outpost 2The Outpost 7The Outpost 1

The staff were top noch! They were exceptionally friendly and always went out of their way to ensure our stay was FIRST CLASS. Overall, a great experience!

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