The Best Wine in the World is From South Africa!

At the 2015 Concours Mondial de Bruxelles competition, it was a Chenin Blanc 2013 from the Kleine Zalze Family Reserve that was named ‘best wine in the world’!  Voted for by a panel of 299 experts, the wine was crafted from different soils (Granite, Oakleaf and Duplex) and each contributed to the best quality level of fruit and palate structure. The grapes were harvested from Bush vine vineyards and from three different wards in Stellenbosch.  At the core of the Kleine Zalze philosophy is a strategy of nurturing and developing all the components involved in the process: the vineyards, the cellar, and the people.

Kleine Zalze is an inspiring example of true South African entrepreneurship!  To have been voted the winner by the Concours Mondial de Bruxelles, considered the ‘wine world championship’ is a incredible accolade.  Congratulations to Kleine Zalze, owner Kobus Basson and all of his colleagues at Kleine Zalze.

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